The Donna Kimberley School of Highland Dancing

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A brief history of our Dancing School

 The Dancing school was formed in 2000 when the secretary of a local Pipe band approached Donna Nelson and her sister Kimberley Black (now Davies) with the idea that they form a small Highland dancing team which he hoped could become an intergral part of the Pipe Band Display. However to form an effective Display team they needed at least two more dancers so they commenced  teaching two volunteers. Word of this quickly spread and the demand for highland dancing lessons soon became so great that a second class was started in Blyth to cope with demand.  
 The Dancing school now has four classes a week at two venues and perform regularly now with North Tyneside Pipeband. Unfortunately however because of work commitments Kimberley is no llonger involved with the dancing school.
Donna and her sister started Highland dancing when they were four and three respectively, with Aurea Atkinson's dancing school in Blyth. They were both highly successful in Highland Dancing Competitions winning cupboardfulls of Medals and Trophies and they both enjoyed trips away to folk festivals in Foriegn Lands to dance with the local Pipe Band.
Donna met her Husband, who was a drummer at the time in the pipe band; while on one of these trips and they now have three children, the youngest of whom(Heather) has inherited her mother's love of Highland Dancing.